Looking for a challenging, freedom-rich AI position in a great environment

I've started looking for a position in the AI-related field, both research and hybrid research/commercial opportunities.
I will be able to start somewhere at the beginning of 2010, soon after I defend my bioinformatics PhD thesis.

I'm looking for:

  • an ability to work in the project which has a goal of constructing an intelligent/sentient entity; I'm not exactly interested in a specific AI field/technology, but rather in merging existing technologies to achieve promising results
  • either highly-knowledgeable, or experienced, or both colleagues; friendliness and helpfulness would be a gigantic plus; I'm working best in small groups, up to 7 people large (including group leader)
  • an ability to learn, and do that again and again and all the time
  • a nice environment; this includes, but is not limited to: 1) nice geographical location - preferably a small green town, might be not too far from a big megapolis, 2) inspiring premises, e.g. with an ability to comfortably work in the open air, 3) modern, hi-tech equipment and gadgets available on-site
  • an early post-doc level financial support, or better

I possess the following traits, and give the following promises:

  • full, enthusiastic devotion to the subject (more than full-time, daily)
  • an understanding of programming limitations, and a set of programming skills (some C++, average C and Python, professional web: PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS; user-level and higher in git, trac, apache, Debian and more)
  • purely biological MS-level (soon PhD-level) education, but with all BS/MS/PhD in bioinformatics (mostly tools development: prokaryotic gene clusters analysis, pattern matching - searching for transcription factor binding sites using position-weight matrices and hidden Markov models methods); unfortunately, no neurosciences courses
  • fast learner, especially computer-related knowledge
  • prefer compromises to conflicts (amicable), though also prefer being silent to speaking (introvert)
  • excellent "math for biologists" at the university, but not much more than that (yet!)
  • fluent English, some German, some words in French, native Ukrainian and Russian
  • non-smoker, abstainer
  • married, no children

I have been interested in developing an artificial intelligence with my own efforts since teen age; however, the urge wasn't strong enough to direct my life properly. I did accumulate some (mostly hand-written) thoughts and ideas, and if I still find them appropriate and useful - will over time publish on this web-site.

I promise to look into each and every offer I get through the contact page.

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