Genifer, general inference engine

Genifer is an attempt to create a copyrighted open-source artificial general intelligence.

To that end, there is a collaboratively authored book on AGI that describes the theory underlying the project Genifer; what hasn't made it into the book, is posted to Genifer blog. A lot of theory behind Genifer is also available in the Downloads tab of the Genifer google code page.

First-order and higher-order logic (FOL and HOL) are supposed to form the basis of Genifer. More generally, Genifer is an algorithmic AI (as opposed to neural-network-based AI), although project leader (Yan King Yin aka YKY) specifically notes that NNs might be used for some portions of the project (like raw sensory input processing).

The project is in very early stages of development, but will definitely be interesting to AI enthusiasts.

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