Digital immortality

Less than a week ago I've learned about a potentially interesting initiative, called "Digital immortality". Citing the email I've received from Josh, this initiative aims to apply strong AI for the creation of digital minds/modules to allow us to upload human minds to a digital form so as to live indefinitely and expand the capabilities of our minds.

If that sounds interesting, there is an organization at that you can check out. It is open to anyone who wants to help. Organizers plan to eventually incorporate and hire people onto the project so that we can really focus on reaching these goals.

Based on my extremely limited knowledge of the digital immortality field, I do not [fore]see technologies for achieveing this goal within, say, 10 years. Possibly an even bigger problem is that "me" will not be transferred by any process of duplicating consciousness - the copy will keep being just a copy, at least to "me".

However, I do see potential benefits in preserving specific valuable individuals at least as "copies" - some kind of a mixture of a database and an expert system.

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