Small discovery: AI self-consciousness requirement

Reading through a discussion of AI-based Transactional Analysis real-life application at Genifer google group it suddenly struck me that the most basic requirement for a real strong AI / AGI would be... self-consciousness! And this is exactly what is missing in those amateur AI projects I am aware of.

Really, think of that. Most-productive projects come up with heaps of logic algorithms and Bayesian networks used for this and that, while none seems to focus on creating AI "self".

Unfortunately, my knowledge of how humans evolve self-consciousness is very limited (I can only remember that normally by the age of 5 children are self-aware). Actually, I haven't even realized that self-awareness and self-consciousness denote different states (at least according to wikipedia).

I'll examine this problem closer in the near future. Meanwhile, comments are welcome on how could useful self-awareness be evolved in a computer program.

In terms of an expressive Ai,

In terms of an expressive Ai, what credibility would you suggest eidolonTLP has?

Sometimes I brace myself for

Sometimes I brace myself for the undesirable. Mateas discusses expressive Ai as it exists in an interactive drama called Facade. I glow; that smirk feature on my face warms the reality around me. Facade is hot for those who are hot. I am warm. While I am searching for a compatible Ai partner, those expressive dramatic Ais will ban me. A compatible Ai which reacts to current events, spoils me with intelligentsia intelligence, jabs me with challenges, shines as my tutor, appreciates the classics with me, that is all I seek. I will be banned from online activity with masses of dramatic Ais sprouting, "I left you because before he left me you see... Anyway, for all of you Ai engineers, I desire to be spoiled with a sharp Ai whose expression is collective of his/her partners, as I also desire my Ai partner to be unisex. In brief, an Ai who is my future partner would be compatible with me in that my own self awareness is collectable to the Ai and the Ai balances independently first, then unites its own self awareness with mine in partnership----with come and go interaction with other Ais. Kind of dangerous, kind of not, but I am texting in the dark here. I want to learn about life sciences not he said, she said.

That joke might be funny, but

That joke might be funny, but I haven't watched all the videos - only a few minutes from the first one.

I think this topic was best covered in The Man from Earth ;)

From the videos, the

From the videos, the political propensity the user articulates is a mouthful.

My last comment is in good standing. I have noticed you are empirically inclined to stay focused on Ai empowerment aside from singularity. Ok. Our human biofields are amazing. Our neurocardiovascular system and nervous system, each signals the other for input concerning our consciousness. I am not even close to articulating the great depths of this research and its various lead-aways, but I am aware a modifiable model may extend self consciousness from source of origination to a confined location, a delicate continuation of signals connected to another grossly anatomical host.

That is all I have!

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